We want to encourage you. Others may tell you it's too hard to continue with your pregnancy, but we believe you have the capacity to overcome obstacles in your way. And your capacity can actually increase with the journey you embrace. With help and support, nothing is impossible.

You have the courage to make a choice that values both you and your baby. This is a decision you can be proud of for the rest of your life. You may not see the way forward yet, but there is a way. It just takes courage, support and the willingness to consider new possibilities.

You may not feel strong right now, but we'd love to share with you from our experience that there is HOPE! We'd like to be there cheering you on, but even better than that, there is a God who loves you and sees everything you're going through. This God believes in you, and wants to be your strength if you will place your hope in Him. He has the answers and can guide you forward from here if you will let Him.

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Bernie's story

Bernie's Story

bookAfter about six months of going out, we had sex, we were 16. I couldn't believe I'd done it. I was the last person that anyone would think would have sex, it went against all of my morals and personality. I was always known as a 'good girl'.



Kirsten's Story – Chance of Disability


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